Tenant Deposit

How to keep your deposit

It’s important for you to be aware of some important factors relating to potential deductions from your deposit at the end of your tenancy. We are issuing this guidance based on experiences we have encountered with previous tenants. The objective is to make you aware of some common things that affect the refund of your security deposit. While most of our residents incur little or no deductions from their deposits, there are a handful who are charged for various things. We have highlighted some common issues below for your guidance. Please read this guidance carefully.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the property

We do not permit smoking in any of our properties. This applies to both bedrooms and communal areas. If you are a smoker, please smoke outside of the property. Smoking in communal areas is never tolerated. If you choose to smoke in your room regardless of our guidance, please be aware that it is most likely that at the end of your tenancy all the soft furnishings (including mattress and curtains) will have to be replaced, your room repainted and deep cleaned. These are expensive things to undertake and will result in substantial deductions from your deposit.

Protect your mattress and keep it clean

You must return all items to us in the same condition that we first gave them to you. Due allowance is made for wear and tear. Several mattresses have recently had to be replaced at the expense of outgoing tenants due to unreasonable damage and dirt.

Acceptable wear and tear will cover things such as the mattress losing firmness, indentations forming on the mattress and wear of the top layer of the mattress. Acceptable wear and tear does NOT include dirty marks or stains on the mattress or any form of damage to the mattress that is not down to acceptable or reasonable use. You are required to keep your mattress covered with an appropriate sheet and you must never sleep on or otherwise use the mattress directly without covering. We strongly recommend that you should purchase a mattress protector.

Keep your walls clean and undamaged

Damaging your walls is not fair wear and tear. If you decide to use tacks, nails or screws on the walls, then you must return the walls to their original condition at the end of your tenancy. Similarly, using blu-tack or other adhesives will leave marks and damage the paintwork. If you do not return the walls to their original condition, we will do this on your behalf and the cost will be attributable to you. Scuff marks and other dirt on the walls are also important to consider. Storing bikes inside a property is a common cause of scuff marks and damage to walls. Even if this occurs in the communal areas, you can be held responsible for the cost of putting it right.

It is reasonable to expect that during normal use of a room; a certain level of scuff marks will occur. We judge what is reasonable on a comparative basis: we have many rooms in our portfolio and it is quite clear to see what is acceptable as most rooms incur a similar level of scuffs during a tenancy. There are then the clear outliers with heavy scuff marks that are comparatively an unacceptable level of dirt. Simply, if you take care of your walls and maintain good cleanliness in your room then there should be nothing to worry about.

Clean your room regularly

Towards the end of your tenancy you will be issued with a cleaning specification for your room, which will be in line with the cleanliness of your room when you first moved in. If you have kept your room clean throughout the year, then it should be easy to meet the cleaning criteria. If, however, you have not maintained the cleanliness of your room throughout the year, or you do not follow the cleaning specification step-by-step, then you are making it very likely that you will incur cleaning deductions.

Damage to furniture

Fair wear and tear also applies to your furniture. As such, you should be sure to include comments on your furniture items in your schedule of condition. Overall there have been very few occurrences of damaged furniture, but please note if you return furniture in a damaged condition, then the costs to you are high, as we will replace the entire furniture item with new. This season we did not have to replace any items of furniture, but we mention it here as it has been on our list of top deductions previously.

Please note that the information contained herein is for your guidance only, it makes no statement about what deductions from your deposit will actually be. We cannot predict the future. We just want to make you aware that how much of your deposit comes back to you at the end of your tenancy is entirely down to you, and we are trying help ensure you get it all back.

End of tenancy cleaning and damage